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The style of optimal collocation of tag heuer Monaco replica into more advanced enjoy

Le 11 septembre 2013, 04:12 dans Humeurs 0

To often want to fly to different countries, the elite business people spend endless time on the plane, can through the earth 24 time zones, reliable performance, Monaco is their best match.
Time traveler Monaco for luminous platinum, in clear and easy to read on the dial of home and the second time zones are clear. Wrist watch is equipped with a special button and carved the name of the 24 cities of slewing ring, convenient set-up the wearer second time zone. 41. 9 mm white gold case with rhodium plating noctilucent pointer and embedded block scale, outside a unique visual aesthetic feeling more let the wearer is clear when reading in the tag heuer monaco replica. Homemade movement vulture act the role ofing and assembled by hand, power reserve for three days.

In addition to Monaco is good choice. This gold watch with two buttons to set-up time: if you want to transfer from one time zone to another time zone, just press a button, can be an hour as the unit, forward or backward adjustment according to the local time of golden hour hand, minute hand operation also will not be affected. As for the in time, by watch second clock accurate display. 24 hours display small dial in addition to clearly and correctly in time, the more equipped with day/night display function. Elegant platinum gold watchcase 40 mm in diameter, watch of wrist of power reserve up to 72 hours, can satisfy most often travel and busy business people need.

For travelers have different grade, the above Tag heuer, except through the different time breitling navitimer replica for them to provide accurate time, more boring journey added a elegant beauty, enjoy the beauty of travel time.

Sight to see Europe, not is wandering in the majestic, mysterious and solemn church. The church as a special product of European religious history, its tall majestic, magnificent, has a long history. The gothic churches in the history of architecture shows the most brilliant glory. Developed by the Roman architecture, gothic architecture inherited by the Renaissance buildings. Gothic architecture mainly in the Catholic church, also affected the rest of the world architecture domain. The integral style of the gothic architecture for lean, high-rise towering top, pointed arches, and huge multicolored bible stained glass Windows. In the structural system by using peak rib vault, flying buttress, slender beam column, create a sense of lightness slender flying.

In 2006, the Tag heuer new bought "WOMEN series mechanical watches, jewelry inlaid aesthetics and architectural art charm perfect mix, in addition to send out a gothic style unique temperament, more the charm of your wrist to belong to gothic. Wrist watch for the amiens cathedral peak, gothic architecture design inspiration, the perfect embodies the characteristics of gothic architecture grand and magnificent. Amiens cathedral in som province amiens city the somme replica Rolex Day Date, was built in 1220, is one of the largest churches, France is also one of the most beautiful churches in France. Tag heuer Monaco series mechanical watches from the female perspective and views on lenovo, blend in gothic architecture art style of femininity, dial on rows of diamonds as amiens cathedral in numerous carved items, like the sun shine on the dial of radiation ACTS the role of grain and the special shape of same radiated Arabic numerals time scale, and amiens cathedral arches and spend Ye Wen decorating is consistent between arcades, grand, magnificent.

Very special tag heuer carrera replica wearing comfort is guaranteed

Le 11 septembre 2013, 04:08 dans Humeurs 0

Adhering to the "tradition and innovation" the essence of classical meter, Tag heuer will locations and calendar this two complex function 2 for one, build perfect superposition by far the world's first nuclear calendar when both classic wrist watch, local time, at the same time have the world's first calendar and linkage and tag heuer carrera replica function at any time.

The global initiative for Tag heuer carrera dual time zone calendar watch not only greatly enriched the carrera series product line, also once again to the world that the Tag heuer extraordinary innovation spirit. A few days ago, it was in 2011 the Basel and horological exhibit the glamorous wrist watch finally unveiled, have been to the shop to ask.

Calendar function (also called a quasi calendar) not only recognition in February, in addition with the perpetual calendar is no difference. This watch of wrist of carrera equipped with the Tag heuer self-developed automatic chain machine core Calibre 6054 f, make up for a lack of even beyond compared with only for a calendar. Except every February of its extraordinary technology to achieve the transition to need manual adjustments in March, a day can automatically distinguish size in other month, no manual adjustment. At the same time, as a reference, the face plate of small pointer at 8 o 'clock position also operates 24 hours a day, as a second time zone. On the dial design, Tag heuer arrangement first try subversive dial. Display all calendar information on the dial on the right side, and with their usual sequence arrangement, month, date and week respectively from down to replica Breitling Super Ocean, the large size calendar window that reads the be clear at a glance.

Although every 2 months will need to manually the school calendar, but intact the carrera locations calendar watch a wonderful performance. The reason is that the table with the Tag heuer original hidden calendar calibration device. Every arrive the end of February, the wearer can easily press the hidden in the table can set ears after the regulator, and also to prevent the panic looking for blunt needle. In addition, compared with general is located in the table of the shell side of the dimple shape pit school adjustment device, Tag heuer unique hidden school also adjustable device design is more concise and agile.

Innovation of travel as a wrist watch, this watch picked up by the Tag heuer and double time zones of the world's first calendar instructions in tandem, agencies, local time, the agency can make the adjustment calendar display forward or backward. The complex function research highlights its convenience of humanized design. In fact, the Tag heuer released before these wrist watches, still can't find any on the market at the same time have a calendar with double function replica TAG Heuer link, and adopts the technology of the calendars in linkage with local time table, its technical difficulty is obviously.

As new members of the series of carrera watch, the watch, as always, keep the Tag heuer traditional long dynamic complex function advantage - double the 72 hours dynamic storage box. Appearance, this new funicular decorative pattern on the dial of the Roman numerals of gold block, perfect echo with a diameter of 40 mm watchcase lubricious department, a total of platinum and rose gold two versions are available. Two tables which are equipped with the Tag heuer unique hidden calibration device: located at 1 o 'clock position button to set-up a calendar watch ear, located at 5 o 'clock position to set -up. The first 2 area, just switch completed by BiaoGuan date and time. Through the transparent sapphire back cover can catch a glimpse of each movement and decorated with fine mystery carrera pattern of the pendulum. Alligator strap is thirty percent guaranteed the wearing comfort.